Friday, June 16, 2006


In the corridors of power in Delhi these days, the ministers have found a novel way of amusing themselves. That is pulling the strings of a very old and ragged puppet and seeing it dance to their tunes.

First, it was the HRD minister. He needed to demonstrate his skills at puppetry. So he went ahead with his plans to implement Quotas for backward classes in the realms of higher education. The puppet did a lovely dance.

Next in line is Meira Kumar. She feels that the Quotas for Scheduled castes needs to be increased too. (This lady had already announced earlier the imminent implementation of Quotas in private sector jobs). The puppet is expected to perform splendidly this time again.

However, what remains to be seen is how will the Govt. repeal the SC ruling that reservations cannot exceed 50% limit. With the current 49.5% plus the proposed 1.23% (plus the Minority Quota which the UPA Govt would eventually bring) the reserved seats would be much more than 50%.

Saw the interview of Chidambaram on CNN-IBN.. and saw how he managed to avoid all the questions in his patent diplomatic style. Damn, what the Supreme Courts's ban on protests has done is strengthen the Govt's position all the more. I wouldn't be surprised if the SC fails to curb the Govt in its dirty measures. Mind you, it has already given the permission to go ahead with the Quotas while the matter is still subjudice.

The Y4E people had already foreseen this. That explains why they are forming a co-operative society under the name "Youth4Equality". So we will be seeing more active protests soon. The greatest achievement of the UPA Govt in two years of its rule has been that majority of the youth of India have lost their faith in democracy. And it is only a matter of time before what little faith we have in the judiciary is lost too. And yes, we all have lost our taste for puppet-shows as well.





Saturday, June 03, 2006

**Finally, the end... and the beginning thereafter**

So, exams finally over. A big relief which is simultaneously filling me with a sense of void. Not much to do till IIMB starts.
The realisation, that my indolent academic life is all but over and what is awaiting me is a life that races past at maddening pace,is exciting, unnerving and alluring at the same time.

Though I never quite grew fond of my college, it felt strange to think that this is the last that I'll see of Xavier's. I have spent some of the best days of my life here, have bitter-sweet memories and most important of all===> made so many great friends.
I remember each of us whispering to the others---> "Yaar, bhool mat jana!"... And suddenly I feel a pang of emotion.. Hey, I have grown used to them all... Having an extraordinary large number of friends had always made me proud... Friends from school, high school and then college had all been in constant touch. Would that be possible now that I am away..
We had extensive photo-sessions. Something that would serve as aid to memory in case the latter fails us. I can picture myself several years from now looking at these longingly and wishing that we never grew up.

The dirty streets of Calcutta, the annoying traffic jam, the blaring loudspeakers and everything that filled me with disgust before now only reminds me "take in everything.. you'll yearn for all of this". I have spent 21 years of my life here and everyone and everything that I know belongs to Calcutta. And not before one of my friends pointed out that my association with this 'city of joy' may now get reduced to short recces did I realize "Hey, I will miss Calcutta!!!"
Why does moving ahead involve leaving ur closest and dearest friends behind???

Yes, I have so much to do before IIMB starts. I have to take memories with me. But how exactly do you store the memory of seeing your father's eyes sparkle with pride and satisfaction upon being congratulated for his son's achievements... How do you store the memory of seeing your mother cry when she realises that her son who is going away from her for the first time may take up a job somewhere away from Calcutta... How do you store the memory of feeling special and cared for when your best friend hugs you...

And there is the enticement of the life ahead... silver dreams, golden path...a new chapter of life is about to begin.
No, nothing ends here... it is just a transition. A transition that brings fresh challenges and a new sense of responsibility. And, however much may we want to stay back, move on we must.

Life, how many of your facets am I yet to see?
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