Friday, February 16, 2007

Yeh ILU-ILU kya hai?

Should have posted this on Valentine's Day... but nevertheless!

Love.... it's something I have contemplated a lot about... something that has been the subject of a lot of discussion among friends.. something which I neither claim to understand nor believe in...

Now, I am talking about a very special variety of love. Love, sadly, is a term used with a lot of liberty and may have many different (and some shady) meanings in different contexts. The pure and quintessential love that we have toward our parents, siblings, family.. friends.. is not something which I will brood over here. Love, in this blog, has a romantic flavour.. it's about that 'itch'...

I begin by wondering. I always do. Why don’t I have a girlfriend while everyone else has at least one? I think I know the reason. Though I’ve a particularly well-crafted face (which I know because of my rather long observations before the mirror and for the fact that I’ve discreetly noticed ‘those who matter’ looking back at me), I don’t have that air of exquisite charm around me which sends gals rolling at your feet.
Never mind.

Next I elaborate on the importance of falling in love -

(between you and me, having a girlfriend and falling in love are two very separate, mostly mutually exclusive events... I will contemplate more on the former as that is what is thought, wrongly as you might have guessed, to be the most common symptom of falling in love)

First, you start getting this special treatment from all your friends. They stop taking you for granted as they know that, now, someone else has snatched away that privilege from them.

Second, all the other girls start noticing you too. It's as if you have proved your manhood without even winking an eye. They, apparently, think that when this girl is going out with that guy, that guy has to have something to him. Personally, I think that this is the only merit of falling in love.

Next, your daily routine changes like a miracle. You no longer are that stink-bag that can also walk. You keep your room and more importantly yourself clean and are given the privilege of being an escort to your girlfriend wherever she goes. This also has another incentive attached. This shows the world that you are also 'sensitive', the perfect metrosexual attribute... that is you are so deeply in love that you can't possibly walk without your girl..

Last but not the least, you also realize that this is not love after all...

My regards to all the lovers in IIMB and also the world that claims to exist outside...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

~Down Memory lane~

Some moments from the past that I cherish... some snaps from the years gone by...

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