Sunday, July 17, 2011

How Muggles don't get it

Too many pathetic SMS jokes, and random Facebook posts on the movies (and by corollary, the books) make me angry. And what makes me angrier is the air of casualness with which the books and the movies are written-off as 'meant for kids' and the complete apathy of ignoring how these have captured the imagination and love of millions of people (not merely children) around the world.

People like me have grown up with Harry Potter. And have lived his terribly amazing life vicariously through these books.

Ms. Rowling, through a rich concoction of thrill and mystery, had taken us into this make-believe world of magic and wizardry like no one else had ever done before. You weren't expected to go to Middle Earth or a different realm. The books made you believe that magic could be hidden right in your cupboard.

And I love the books more than the movies. Not only because of the richness of the plot that doesn't get captured in the movies, but also because I am free to let my imagination run wild. It isn't only about reading the story of our hero defeating the evil villain. It's about being with him (or 'being him'?) in the process of his discovery of the world around him, and his discovery of his own self. It's about learning, glory, failures and bonds.

It is for the kids, all right. The kid in you. Who loves to create and imagine. And laugh and cry.

So, the Muggles out there, this post is not about making you love Harry Potter. It's only to tell you, you may not get it because it is frigging beyond you. So stop acting like sore loser, will you?
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