Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mumbai, ahoy!

Sunday, Evening 8:00 PM – Cribbing to Thatha (my roomie) about how I have wasted the entire weekend by doing nothing but sleeping and hunting for a decent place to eat (i.e. a place where you get cheap yet great food!) and couldn’t really do the Mumbai-darshan that I have been planning to do ever since I landed here. Thatha takes his eyes away from his laptop (he is watching some Tam movie for the umpteenth time – don’t ask me why! Tams usually don’t have any reasons for doing what they do), murmurs something and gets back to his chore.
Night 11:00 PM – Playing War-craft on the laptop and promising to myself that this is the last game…
Night 11:59 PM – Take a Digene tablet (the oily food has caused acidity again!), check the alarm, and hit the bed.
Monday, Morning 7:30 AM - Shit! Am late again. Get up, check the alarm (it must have rung you idiot!), rush to the bathroom… have to get ready by 8 at all costs. Today, I finally want to attend that early morning briefing on the treasury floor…
Morning 8:05 AM - Enter the mess, check the menu, if it’s anything other than Misal Pav, order (and eat breakfast in 2 minutes flat) else rush to the station.
Morning 8:11 AM – Enter the station missing the 8:10 Andheri local by a few seconds again! The Bandra local is at 8:25 – so all hopes of attending the briefing down the drain!
Morning 8:35 AM – Getting a free full-body massage – in the local train – it is packed to the fullest and you can’t move a toe without pushing someone off the moving train.
Morning 9:00 AM – Waiting in the queue to board the bus that takes you to BKC, and making use of the time to breathe freely for a change and also to wipe the perspiration…
Morning 9:25 AM – I am again the last intern to enter the office and I re-assure myself that petty things such as this don’t affect my chances of getting a PPO
Morning 9:35 AM – Try and talk to the guide, she is busy (We’ll talk over lunch, dear), try and do some work (after successfully resisting the temptation to participate in the nonsensical chat the other interns are having), discard the idea as bad and join the gossip instead.
Afternoon 1:00 PM – Guide finally steals half an hour from her busy schedule and we meet over lunch in the cafeteria… this being the only thing in the whole day that I can feel happy about…;)
Evening 5:30 PM - All the interns go down for snacks and they need some bakra for time-pass as they are bored. But they don’t seem to get bored with me being the bakra everyday!
Evening 7:30 PM – After another day in office, you rise to leave and realize that you would be the first intern to leave. You again assure yourself that this would not affect your chances of a PPO and walk out of the office. (This occasionally doesn’t happen if guide wants to talk to you or you are doing some good work for a change - and then you may have to stay back till 9:00 – 9:30)
Evening 8:15 PM – Get a free full-body massage again!
Evening 8:50 PM – Enter the hostel, change into full pajamas and remind Thatha to do the same (In the hostel, we aren’t allowed to go to the ground floor wearing anything that shows even an inch of our body except the face. BTW, we are in a boys-only hostel and the authorities have no problems with the boarders loitering in the corridors in ill-fitting underwear almost all the time!), go down to the mess, eat dinner if anything is left at all…
Evening 9:15 PM – Check if the wireless is working, curse since it is not, crib about how long it has been since you checked your mail or did orkutting, and then start with War-craft…
Spend most of your next weekend (if you don’t go to office on Saturday that is) washing your clothes, ironing them (if the dhobi has ditched you again!), chatting with other B-school students, planning to go on Mumbai-darshan, falling asleep in the afternoon… doing nothing and just nothing…
That has been Mumbai for me for the past one month… the coming days have something good to look forward to like the faccha party, the Alumni meet… and the project work-load will also go up keeping me busier…. So taking a sanyaas from blogging for a while!
May God kill Arjun Singh soon! :)
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