Sunday, January 07, 2007

… and thus ended the worst year of my life

The year 2006 ended with the usual revelry that one would expect on a new year’s eve… and as usual, I was locked up in my room, biding time, trying to ignore the loud music blaring outside and reflecting on the year gone by.
Now, am not really the philosophical type. So, while I always stay away from parties (even on new year’s eve), I don’t usually take stock of all the happenings in my life at year-end.
But this year was different. It was.
It gave me some moments that I will cherish all my life… it gave me some that I just want to forget… forget that they ever happened… believe that something like that would never happen.
Some loss may be transient, something which loses its importance over time and thus, the loss by itself doesn’t hurt you much. What hurts is the ignominy associated with it… But when you lose something which cannot be replaced, something which was very important to you, something which you had always taken for granted, something which had become a part of the way you lived… it hurts and it hurts more than you can take…
The good thing about life is that it keeps moving forward. So you move ahead with time and forget all that’s given you joy in the past, all that you’ve hated… all that which made you, all that which broke you… and when you actually sit down someday to relive it all, you realize how much you have learnt, how much you have grown, what you have gained and what you have lost. It is in such moments of introspection that you have an unbiased view of the world around you, the world inside you and you simultaneously feel proud of yourself for everything you have done that is good and hate yourself for everything that is bad…
Anyways… 2006.. good riddance!


praveen said...

Ah, Forget all that..

This year is gonna be a rocking one with full joy and happiness!

Simply rock maadi !

crazy diamond said...

nice post buddy

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