Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy days are here again

A lot has been happening around me. And that has kept me busy.

Much of this stuff is pretty interesting. Some tad boring. Some outrageously funny. Some pretty sad-wonly things as well. Bestest thing, however, has been the buying of my new car. Yes, first one for the family. A sedan. Yay!

And I have sworn that I shall not be cribbing about my new job on my blog. Not for a while at least. So that has taken a heavy toll on my cribbing-blogging. The world around has also been seeing a wide gamut of activities which could have been potential fodder for blog-posts. But, I honestly haven't been interested. So even though we have seen Deepika Padukone salaciously inviting you to pull her skirt, rich fathers renting arm-candies for useless sons, dudes stripping naked on TV to boost TRPs, relaunch of Mimoh Chakravarty, the much-dignified (?) comeback of the Dada (which has led to most Bangalis supporting Pune Warriors instead of KKR), the end of the Left in Bengal, a wedding and a death jostling for media attention, none of these could convince me to dedicate a blog to them.

Things may change. I will have to get Ready soon *bites nails*. Dhinka Chika.


Vyankatesh said...

Quite a few things happening in such a short time.. And of course there was Osama and Obama!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the car yogi :) ...


Yogesh said...

@Vyankatesh - Yes, and nothing beats that!

@Simi - Thank you! :)

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