Friday, June 01, 2012

In which Kaalia kills Gabbar

Because Basanti had two left feet; 
Because Jai just wanted to get lucky with Radha; 
Because Mausi was jealous of the gypsy dancer; 
Because Sambha moonlighted as a male stripper; 
Because Kaalia wanted glory, but was lazy; 
Because Ahmed was actually killed by Imam in a property dispute; 
Because Veeru was a paedophile; 
Because Thakur's hands were cut-off in Kuwait for shoplifting; 
Because Jailor & Hariram shot porn films with the inmates; 

Because life is not a movie script. And God's factory churns out defective pieces with 95% accuracy. 

1 comment:

Yogesh said...

Madame S - Thanks. But don't you think, this is far from 'beautiful'? ;-)


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