Wednesday, July 11, 2012


If there was just one wish,
that could come true,
which one would you choose,
among the thousands that swarm your mind?

Leave it to the heart,
and it will fly around,
like a carefree bird,
hoping for the special, and the absurd.

The pleasures of the flesh,
royal wealth that's envy of the world,
beauty that inspires,
and intellect that wows generations to come?

Or to know what lies ahead,
in the realms of future,
the fate of those who are dear,
and enemies, far and near?

Or to simply erase,
misdeeds, errors and follies,
Undo and heal?
If there was just one wish.


alka narula said...

this is really nice,especially love the second para

Yogesh said...

Thanks Alka :)

KayEm said...

Lovely sentiments, Yogesh, and beautifully expressed

Yogesh said...

Thanks a lot KayEm :)

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