Saturday, May 04, 2013

'Finger on the lips' was taught in school for a reason

I am a curious fellow. And this curiosity makes me ask silly questions all the time. Sometimes, I wish I could keep my big mouth shut. At least when watching TV with Sonia and Mom, if not always.

Let me illustrate now, why I say that:

I come back home early from work. As I enter the drawing room, I find that everyone's watching some serial on TV. I remember the characters and bits & pieces of the plot from the last time I had come home early (say a few weeks back). But I notice that there are a few more characters who I don't know.
'Yeh kaun hai?' I ask innocently.
'She is fiancee of the main lead', someone replies.
'Hmm... but wasn't the main lead engaged to the the other girl?'
Everyone looks at me impatiently. 'Do you want to know one month's story in a few minutes?'
'As if these serials have a story', I murmur and leave for the bedroom.

Similarly, on other occasions too. So, we all are watching this dance show where celebrities (apparently) dance to get brownie points from judges. The women in my family, who truly understand the beauty of dance art form, let out occasional gasps and appreciating shrieks, while watching the show. 
Some couple is moving funnily on the dance floor. 
I snigger, 'Yeh bhi koi dance hai?'
The women look at me angrily, 'Aapko dance aata hai?'
'I can't dance, I agree. But then I also don't want to dance on TV!'
'This is called contemporary dance. What do you know?'
'I don't want to know', I murmur and leave for the bedroom.

One more example, let me give. We are watching some saas-bahu serial. The saas is taking the bahu's case, royally. I look at my mom, bare my teeth and say, 'Mummy, why don't you scold Sonia like this?'
Do I even need to tell you guys what had followed? Sigh. Finger on my lips from now on I tell you.

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