Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Flute Player

This is a repost of sorts. Had written this way back - before college, seems like before time. Don't know what had inspired this - but when I think of it now, various inspirations come to mind - The Solitary Reaper, Braj Ki Sandhya (one of the bestest Hindi verses I have read), The Pied Piper...

Can't write such stuff anymore, back then I used to write for myself, only my own self. There was no need for acceptance. No greed for praise and accolades. The innocence is now lost - I am myself no more.

The Flute Player


The ‘fireball’ was sinking low;
And darkness swept o’er the vale;
And the villagers awaited eagerly –
Him – who makes their hearts sail.

Then was heard a distant tune –
Soft like love, Soothing like prayer –
Which grew louder every moment;
He came, at last, the Flute Player.

He walked down the hamlet lane
Playing the most lingering tunes;
A surreal aura evolved, and,
The listeners forgot their haunting pains.

A maiden slipped into the world of dreams,
Oblivious to her worldly part…
Enchanted and mesmerized she sang –
‘Oh, oh, the Flute Player of my heart!’

The young ones also took a ride
To joys of bliss as the music loomed.
He weaved magic with his flute –
And they merrily danced to his tunes.

But still with all his lust ’n charm,
The Flute Player remains all alone.
He swaps our sorrows for divine joy,
Yet, pines for something, to us, not known.

He plays his flute with burning zest,
Perhaps to make his pains flow
In tunes that fill thy heart with Joy –
Wherein may he find his secret cove.



Epping Electrical said...

this one's not related to this post.. but just came across one of ur old writings while archiving stuff on my laptop.. u know about the girl always prone to accidents?? but with a twist in the tail? u always were a good writer :)

Vineet Patawari said...

Excellent read. Buddy start writing such stuff again

Kavity said...

Nice :)

Yogesh said...

Thanks Kavity, Vineet :)

@GodM - yeah, that was my first ever shorty. Will post that too here. (Can you email me the ones that I had shared with you, please :D )

Subodh Kumar said...

the poem was an aesthetic experience, an elegance and a flowing river personified in the flawless words of your poetry.. full of innocence which doesn't know the art of selling and buying but the plain sense of connecting with every elemnts of nature in its full glory....
But (and a serious "but") you sound like an old heritage building in the foreword which bemoans its dilapidated present and pines for its wonderful past.. your time is not over yet Yogesh.. Cyclicity is the characteristic of every creative and intellectual persons but that doesn't mean you are out... you can reinvent yourself any time and the very posting of this beautiful poem is a proof enough...
Recreate the magic web of words for i am waiting eagerly..
Agar gyaan lage to maaf kar dena.. But tried to speak my heart out.. Rediscovered this habit (of speaking through heart) after a long time.. perhaps its the side effect of your poetry..

Yogesh said...

@Subodh Sir - Thanks a lot for your kind words... and the advice :)

Will catch up with ya soon

Satyakam said...

This is a very beautiful Poem... very light but romantic :-)

Yogesh said...

@Satya - Thanks!
Though your poems are in a different league :)

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