Saturday, August 21, 2010

Phata Poster, Nikla Hero

Ok, maybe not quite a Hero. This is what I am referring to - but then, I had asked for it!

So, any learnings?
No Sir -just let me nurse the wounds (mainly to my pride) - will be back soon!

*evil laughter with appropriate sound-effects in the background*

PS: This masochistic brainwave was an inspiration from Mini.. err.. Maini.


Epping Electrical said...

Ouch!! :D

But hats off to them for doing such a great job of a review, don't you think? To read everything, divide into phases, analyse each bit.. wow!! I so would never do that, even though I can spend hours reading strangers blogs :)

And it even gets a mention of Epping Electrical on the comment, ha ha

Yogesh said...

Yes, someone does take his job seriously :)

I was equally impressed!

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