Sunday, August 08, 2010

Tu bhi Disco, Main bhi Disco

Ok, so the off-site happened (they call it the Business Meet), and it wasn't all that bad. For three days, we were parceled to this luxury hotel in Goa where we had marathon presentations (which were boring to the point that you almost strangle yourself), team activities (read 'physical torture'), and random conversations with bosses where you are repeatedly reminded how fortunate you are to be part of this elite gang! However, to redeem it somewhat, met so many new people, gulped gallons of free daaru, and treated myself to the luxuries that such a hotel could offer (err... only the free ones!).

I shall not forget:

* how the DJ was playing my favouritest songs like I am a Disco Dancer, 1-2-3, Jumma Chumma and many more. 

* how, after maroing three Long-Islands and a couple of shots (I could barely stand), I realized that I will be called on to the stage for receiving an award (They obviously couldn't let me know earlier!) And then you have kamine friends who suggest that you have another shot to soothe nerves. I didn't trip and fall, I didn't do anything stupid either - but people complained that I was dead serious when receiving the award!

 * how I ran for my life after seeing my naked boss coming out of the sauna (accidentally, instead of entering the showers, I came out of the wrong door into the corridor. And I was wearing only a towel!)

* how we had a fight with the irritating  lifeguard at the beach - who gave us fake excuses like "there are snakes in the sea" to send us away after nightfall.

* how I couldn't sleep at night (even after being completely drunk) because my room-mate was snoring loud enough to wake up Kumbhakarna

* how, during the physical activity session, a Bong from Calcutta and a Sardar from Delhi broke into a fight. Watching the show from the sidelines was pure bliss.

* how there were hot, skimpily-clad, firang chics on the dance floor. But, as a poor desperate soul from Chennai got to know the hard way, they were reserved only for senior management.


Priyanka said...

Kya award mila tumko??

Reliving the past said...

hmm....liked everythin but d Kumbhakarna part........dat ain't my fault... u slept in d wrong room :P

nice read tho

Yogesh said...

@Maggi - Doston ki kuch khabar bhi rakha karo! This was a fraud award, btw :D

@Kunal - I was drunk - don't blame me! :P
Btw, you too blog? It ain't listed in your profile though

Shreya said...

What if your boss blogs? :)

Yogesh said...

@Shreya - Shubh shubh bolo... :D
And, also, I think Blogging takes talent! :P

Epping Electrical said...

haha i remember how boringly serious u were when drunk!! Not fun at all!

Yogesh said...

@GodM - Sigh - Even with all my boring seriousness, I have gotten myself into the most embarrassing of situations when drunk :)

Anonymous said...

Several months ago, you requested a review of your blog from our site. Guess what? Your review is finally ready.

Gaurav Parab said...

Never ever say 'Boss' in your blog.

Refer to him / her as 'grandpa', 'the one' or "Justin Beiber"

Anything that can stand the scrutiny of the company legal team.

Yogesh said...

@Gaurav - Thanks! :D

PRATIK said...

Congratulations for ur award... Booze pe control karo... nd ya Goa sonia ke saath jao u will enjoy... But as usual very good article precisely exceptional cribbing...

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