Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Lo Aaj Main Kahta Hoon

Ok, so, I love bollywood! And continuing in the same line of thought as this post of mine, I will list down the 5 most amazingly fantastic memories I have of old-school Bollywood:

1. Tumne jo li angdayi hai - Mr. India was a movie that the kids thoroughly enjoyed. Sci-fi was an unexploited genre in Hindi cinema. The unadulterated comedy struck a chord with each person in the audience. However, one song, one wet and stormy night, a gyrating Sridevi, Kaate Nahi Kat te - and many among the kids spent several sleepless nights!

Years later, Raveena tried to create the same magic, but not quite.

2. Pyaar dosti hai - The only KJo movie that I don't mind watching again and again. With Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, the Archies came to India. Skirts got shorter, college-life was redefined, Kajol's one eyebrow became a pair of eyebrows, precocious kids came to dominate Hindi cinema, and I finally realized that I have to have to hate Shahrukh Khan.

(C'mon guys, this one is really after a long time - and not even nasty!)

3. Mausi chakki peesing - Sholay was not a movie. It was a piece of art. Every frame was perfect, every character chiseled out of storyteller's finest imagination, every dialogue legendary. The only possible flaw in the whole movie was that it could inspire someone to remake the movie years later, to a disastrous effect.

4. We love Maneka Gandhi - I am no pet-lover. But I used to love when movies had these wonderful multi-purpose pets. Pigeons as carriers of love-messages, Dogs as faithful friends, Monkeys as entertainers, Deepak Tijori and (recently) Udai Chopra as sidekicks.

5. Kya bolta re tu? - As anyone who has seen my drunken dancing would know, I dig chaalu Bollywood music. By 'chaalu' I mean songs that run thus -
Humein Tomtom se ja rahe the, tumhein cycle se aana tha
Aati kya Khandala?
Unchi hai building, lift teri band hai
Meri Pant bhi sexy
Hai Huku Hai Huku
A aa ee, o oo oo, mera dil na todo

Are you surprised to see that most of these songs had Karishma Kapoor? :) Miss that era!


Priyanka said...

And ur luv for bollywood continues!!
Bollywood still rocks!

:-) said...

and i still remember how badly my cousin got screwed up...when his parents overheard him singing 'Main Laila Laila chilaunga...kurta phaad ke!!!'...80's lyrics were legendary!!

Yogesh said...

@Maggi - Yup, Bollywood still rocks. Dabaang releasing this week :D

@Priya - That would have been deadly. I once remember my cousin singing 'Teri Nani mari to main kaya karoon' and he got a slap from his mom :P

PRATIK said...

Wow...Good Article... It Was A Tribute to The Kind Of Bollywood Cinema Which Many of Us Likes... Great Articles...and ya thanks for highliting the facts of Karisma Kapoor Songs... One More Thing i want to tell this to Sonia- Yogi has given tribute to his first crush love-SRIDEVI..Whenever Yogesh sees this song he really want himself to dance with Sridevi... Hai na Yogi....

Yogesh said...

@Pratik - You deserve a good whack!

chitra said...

Interesting! best was "Kajol's one eyebrow became a pair of eyebrows"...lol

Yogesh said...

Thanks Chitra, but it's true :)

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