Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Return of Randomness

* I don't think I told you guys about my amazing new laptop. Yes, the old laptop simply crashed. The keypad had stopped working a long time back - now the hard disk too called it quits. The new lappy has a cam as well - I video-chatted for the first time in my life! Yes, being technologically-backward ensures that you get these weird kicks out of things others would call pretty ordinary.

* Work at office is getting more excrutiating by the hour. Yes, yes, we all hate our work but can one really hate his work as much as I do? To add to my woes, many among my office junta have started reading my blog - so I can't even write nasty stuff about work anymore.

* Once in a while, something will happen that will make you regret missing out on some very important event or action in life. Watching Dabangg was one such moment. It made me regret how I never could learn to bajao a shrill ceeti in childhood. Dabangg had many such scenes where normal mortals would errupt in an euphoria of ceetis and cat-calls. But I forget that multiplex-going-sophisticated-Mumbaikars aren't so mortal as Malancha-cinema-going-Calcutta-based-kanjoos-Marus. Btw, read Greatbong's awesome review here.

* Throwing caution to the air, I must tell you all about how my colleague noticed that someone from senior management at work doesn't fit into his chair anymore. She also demonstrated how parts of his body hang precariously over the sides of the chair - and how the chair makes squeaking noices every time he sits on it as if crying for mercy. We suspect that the chair is secretly replaced every night as it is not possible for any chair to sustain all the weight for two days in a row.

* TV serials are my new-found-love. This certainly deserves a blog on its own. Will come up with something soon.


PRATIK said...

Congratulations on ur new laptop...btw kaun sa model hai... tum office ka burai kar sakte ho... tumhare office waale bhi toh apne kaam se nafrat karte honge... btw maine Dabangg dekhte waqt 2-3 baar seeti maari aur woh bhi forum inox mein... i even saw some multiplex junta dancing on munni badnaam hui... It was really funny to digest it... alas we should salute one man who has given us the reason to smile and enjoy this festive season...and thats none other that Chulbul (Robinhood) Panda..i.e SALMAN KHAN... I saw dabangg 2 times will see it much more times...

Yogesh said...

Thanks Pratik - It is a Lenovo - dont ask for details. I am technologically challenged :D

See, Calcutta crowd better at watching Dabangg :D

Shreya said...

You are intrepid!

Yogesh said...

@Shreya - What gives u that idea? :P

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