Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Main Sasural Nahi Jaungi

Act I Scene I:
I come out of my bedroom into the drawing room after hours of mugging (being the geeky muggu that I was) and find the women of the house deeply engrossed in watching the TV. The actress in the TV soap being shown is doing a real bad job of crying. I let out a chuckle commenting on her bad acting. Instantly, I get indignant looks from everyone else in the room. I soon realize that the third husband of the female protagonist in the serial had died a sudden tragic death. Since I want dinner afterall, I try my best to look apologetic.

Act I Scene II:
Two of my very close friends in college are having a fight. Since I have always prided myself on my grey cells, I decide to act as the mediator. I approach them with a snooty 'Comeon you two, tell me what's the matter, I shall resolve it for you guys' look. Turns out they are fighting over the plot of some saas-bahu serial and that they were supporting the wife and the other woman in some guy's life respectively. Before you can write them off as losers, lemme tell you that one of these guys was the class topper. I contemplate for a moment 'Kya yahi hai iske itne brilliant hone ka raaz?', then discard the idea as bad and run from the scene.

Act II Scene I:
Office. Lunch table. I have occupied less than 5 seconds of airtime in the last half an hour of nonsensical chit-chat. This isn't usually the case. When it comes to boss-bashing or cribbing, I am usually most vocal. But today's topic for discussion is reality shows, Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, Jungle-bachao something, Agle Pichle Janam ki kahani and some such shit.

Act II Scene II:
Sonia and me are having dinner. The wife in the serial on TV expects the husband in the serial to do something. The husband forgets. The wife lets go of ganga, jamuna and saraswati from her eyes (overdose of glycerine I suspect). Sonia empathizes with the wife. I say, 'He just forgot. No big deal'. Oops. Too Late.
My name got added to the long and damned list of 'Insensitive Husbands of the World'.

Act I was 5 years back. And TV serials are still showing the same old crap. However, I am excited. The premiere of Rakhi Ka Insaaf looked promising. And Channel V is coming up with these verry innovative and shadiest shows ever. TV and me have a long way to go.


praveen said...

"class topper". I contemplate for a moment 'Kya yahi hai iske itne brilliant hone ka raaz?'

Confession.Whatever you say, we all have grown up watching some serial or the other at some point in time!

Remember the day Mihir died in KSBKBT? The whole school mourned I think! :P

Priyanka said...

Gud one!! Mazaa aa gaya!! :)

:-) said...

had a grt time reading this one...

PRATIK said...

Really Nice Article... Nd i Can Figure out the name of the class topper... I Still remember him... ha ha ha... But Seriously this was really nice article... Good Job Done...

Yogesh said...

Thanks Maggi, Priya and Pratik :)

@Praveen - For the record, I did not even know who Mihir was when he died in Kyunki.. :D

Naren said...

Good one....I believe the class topper can only be Ranjan

Yogesh said...

@Nari - Yessir, u got it right!

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