Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Why Blogging is bad for health

You spend hours trying to think of a good topic to write.
When you do get a good topic, you spend more hours actually writing it.
Then you hopelessly visit your blog every hour to check if anyone has read and commented on the blog.
You are disillusioned to find that most people don't give a rat's ass for the sorry shit you have posted.
You derive consolation from the fact that at least random spammers are posting meaningless messages on your comments window.
You swear that next time you will write this hugely popular blog *dreamy eyes*
You spend hours trying to think of a good topic to write.

You see - this a vicious circle!

Anyway, random updates as of now:

* Sonia is happy that the building kids have started calling her 'Didi' now. They had apparenly gotten a good telling-off after they called her 'Aunty'. She, however, conveniently ignores the tone in which they say 'Hi Didi' everytime she passes by and how they burst into mad giggles soon afterwards.

* We will be off to Calcutta for Diwali. And for 15 good days. Bliss.

* Khichdi was timepass. And Anjana Anjani was pure atrocity on the senses. Sonia in particular did not like the close-ups of Piggy Chop's disfigured lips.

* I have noticed of late that other commuters don't get as many wrinkles on their shirts as I do - after travelling in a crowded train that is. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Maybe my standing posture isn't right. I have tried noticing how the other guys stand - haven't been able to spot a difference yet. I shall continue my research though.


praveen said...
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praveen said...

Your blogs typify the married Indian man. Classic stuff,bhaiyya :P

ps: Oh wait, shouldn't I be calling you chacha from now on? ;)

Yogesh said...

@Lil Brother - You are mean! No, you cannot call me a Chacha yet!
Grrr.. :P

Pratik said...

Hey buddy,

Nice writing.. I can't believe I am checking it for the first time... Keep writing.. would love to read it.. and btw.. that chain process of blogging u explained is true... I also am baffled at times.. anyways, looking forward to more posts from you... keep blogging... :-)

Pratik said...

Hey, if u dont mind a suggestion..
U can rename your project you know.. I think for mumbaians, traveling in train is the most easiest job... So, the title I suggest for your research is 'Discovering the correct Positions: Not in bed, but in Train'.. lol..

Yogesh said...

@Pratik - Thanks!
And, yes, will consider your interesting suggestion! :P

Anurag said...

the biggest takeaway is that my bhabhi is now happy !!!! U should have ensured that the kids correct themselves long ago ...nalayak :)

in btwn: what did they, or rather still, address u as ??? "Uncle"

Avinash said...

Ramblings of a married man!

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