Sunday, March 31, 2013

How 'Run Lola Run' inspired our daily lives

Passengers waiting for Metro to stop
so that they can rush inside
I was in Bombay for three years. No, while that is a sad thing, that is not what this blog is about.
So, yeah, in Bombay I used to take the local trains to and from work. No, that's not what I am going to crib about either (I have already done that earlier here).

That was just to drive home the point that even three years of Bombay local trains couldn't have prepared me for the nightmare that is Calcutta Metro Rail. I mean have you even tried boarding a Metro these days? Here is what I wonder of all these morons travelling alongside me my co-passengers:

Did all of you want to be sprinters but actually got stuck in fucked up corporate careers? For nothing else can explain the mad dash all of you break into at the slightest opportunity.
Got off the auto? Run madly towards the turnstiles knocking off everything on the way!
Got through the turnstile? Run towards the platform, panting and heaving!
Train has arrived? Madly push into the already-crowded train!
Got off the train? Dash for the turnstiles before anyone else can make it. For this is your only chance to redeem yourself from that shameful episode.. the ignominy of coming last in 100 meters sprint way back when you were in Class I.

This, when there is a train every four minutes! I mean, I seriously mean man, grow up.


Nikhil said...

Bike is a good option...

Yogesh said...

@Nikhil - Chalani nahi aati! :)

ishad aggarwal said...

how much do you crib ? although metro rail , kolkata can be harrowing..

Yogesh said...

Dude, it's not only about the Metro rail... it's about people's habits in general. People are crazy I tell you.

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