Friday, March 29, 2013

Ladka ho mere jaisa, ladki ho tere jaisi

I am convinced now that my accidental decision to do an MBA might have been actually a blessing in disguise. Because had I not done an MBA, I would definitely have ended up being a bachelor all my life.

I am privy to a lot of matchmaking conversations these days. And MBA grooms are the only ones in demand.

Sample this..

"Ladka MBA hai ji", heightened interest all around.
Being the inquisitive guy that I am, I end up asking, "umm.. which campus?"
And they give me what-does-that-mean? look. "I meant which school did he do his MBA from?"
"That we don't know.. some college in College Street, but how does it matter? He is an MBA, that's all that matters"
I decide there is no point in me participating in this conversation at all.
"He would be making 25-30 lacs I guess. Not everyone can earn that crore salary ji. What say, Vicky?" they clearly don't want me to kat lo that easily.
"Huh? How would I know... not all jobs..."
"Arre, how much do you earn, tell us?"
Now that's one question I hate. Flashes of earlier "Haw, didn't u study at IIM Bangalore?" conversations run through my mind. "Umm.. around... <some arbit figure>"
"He would definitely earn this much... see, college doesn't matter then..."

Random aunts have been calling me to ask if any of my MBA friends would be suitable for their girls, or girls they know. Apparently, it's not only the parents, but the girls themselves, who want only MBA husbands. Not without reason then that a lot of p(h)onytail MBA institutes are springing up here and there... and they get SRK to endorse them, the most eligible husband that our generation has seen, whatever that means.

So, yeah, MBA. And blissful married Life. Bet you never foresaw this correlation. Sigh.


Gautam said...

I thought MBA meant Married But Available? :(

Pi said...

"Mediocre But Arrogant"

and as my mom says...

"Meri Baat Aage"

Yogesh said...

@Gautam - Of course! All I am saying is that you need an MBA to get married. I never said that you can still not be available :P

@Pi - I disagree! *evil stare*

Pi said...

bhai.. hum bhi tumhara hi league mein hai.. lekin mediocre ho chahe nahi.. arrogance is definitely there

Neha Sharma said...

Haha good one Yogesh.
Out of exp, I totally agree with the post..

Neha Sharma

Yogesh said...

Thanks Neha :)

Unknown said...

hw cn u endorse SRK as "most eligible" husband, he is not even an MBA :P

Yogesh said...

@Unknown: You are obviously not a girl to say that! :P

ishad aggarwal said...

thats pretty condescending of other professions, although i agree, getting an MBA is the surest way to get quick bucks boring jobs and may be a wife, how dreamlike a marriage or how dream like a job, well remains unsettled i guess

Yogesh said...

Haha.. these are not 'my' views.. I guess that was made pretty clear ! :P

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