Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bring out the Gunda in you

There are very few things in life that I am really touchy about. Actually, I can consider myself pretty much emotionally dead otherwise, but some topics get me talking.

Calcutta has always been one of them.

It's laid-back, but it's warm, I would argue. People are nice, I would tell anyone who is willing to listen. Men are lazy, but they are progressive, I would coerce them. And most importantly, women are safe here, I would make them believe.

Not like Mumbai where passers-by don't care if you lay writhing on the road in pain, where your neighbors don't even know you exist. Not like Delhi where even women spout abuses in every second word, where the men consider raping any woman they see as their birth-right. Not like Bangalore and Chennai where the auto-wallahs can make you repent why you were born in the first place, where the local populace's antipathy towards North Indians will make you squirm.

But time had to catch up eventually. And it did.

Women are raped, and then they are mocked by the Govt and police for daring to lodge a complaint. Anyone trying to act as witness is also molested, and officers trying to investigate the case are transferred.
Co-passengers turn their head the other way as a child falls off a speeding auto.
People on a busy street in the heart of the city couldn't care less as a gang of rowdy auto-wallahs molest a lady and beat up her husband for daring to protest against their rash driving. Even after the media highlighted the issue, the auto drivers walk free due to political clout, whereas the couple is being tormented.

Ask any person on the road, and he would seem worried. Calcutta is not the same anymore, he will tell you. He is scared, worried and anxious. He is concerned about his own safety and that of his family's.

So, if we have become more and more like the other cities in India, does that mean that we have re-arrived on the commercial landscape as well.. and that like Mumbai, Delhi and other cities, we too will see growth in industry and employment.

The answer is a big fucking No.

We never deserved that, and we don't deserve even now, as I found out today when I tried to enter my bank's premises in the morning. It's an All-India strike called by some union of bank employees. Funny thing is neither me nor any other employee of my bank is member of the union and yet, we were not allowed to enter office by flag-bearers and slogan-shouters. Colleagues in other parts of the country found it funny, it's a fucking strike of PSU bank employees... why is your branch shut? And then they would themselves answer with a smirk, that's Calcutta for you.


Unknown said...

True... You have so well depicted the present situation. Calcuttan's ability to make the worst of everything has become legend these days. Previously people portrayed us as one of the culturally evolved races, these Calcuttan's are thought of a regressive state, where women are tortured by their men, and sent off to work as maids in other superior races' homes. Where men dont know anything but work as foreman at big buildings. Its a shame really.

Yogesh said...

Thanks for reading the post, Rajrupa.

I agree with you and sadly, there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of this tunnel.

Nik said...

Here I am brother.. I could not resist reading this post. I had to.

Well, pretty much of what you have written is what I wonder about a lot, at certain times. The country went to the dogs a long time back, and we are getting eaten up now. Must say that I get worked up reading such stuff. And I love people who write such stuff. :)

You could read "It's not our fault both part 1 and 2" on my blog, written long time ago. (I feel too lazy to put up links....plz plzz dhund lena.. :P)

Anyway, would read you soon again.

PS: Thanks for dropping down at my blog. And you got a follower brother. :)

Yogesh said...

Thanks Nik... for dropping by and your comment :)

Would surely look up those posts and let you know.


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