Saturday, August 11, 2012

Soak No More

She felt it on her cheek,
tiny, wet, stinging,
Her parched skin revolted,
in spasms, short and quick.

Then, there was another,
And a wayward one more,
Her nails dig in her palms,
Of pain, she would not bother.

The drizzle gave way to shower,
And then, rain, ruthless and fierce,
Her clothes clung to her pale skin,
Head sunk, her feet knelt lower.

Then something inside, deep,
Exploded through her eyes,
The rain would soak her no more,
As tears would run, streak, creep.

This poem has been written as part of IndiBlogger's "The Surf Excel Matic #SoakNoMore Contest".


Rajrupa Gupta said...

Nicely put! Though I am still confused about the topic and it's interpretation but I nevertheless liked it.

-- Rajrupa | Riot of Random

Yogesh said...

Thanks Rajrupa!

I agree that I haven't interpreted the topic the way the Surf Excel guys would have wanted me to, but this was the first idea that came to my mind when I read the concept :-)

Someone is Special said...

Loved your post.. Unique one Yogesh..

Someone is Special

Yogesh said...

Thanks SKM :)

Anju said...

I had no idea what "Soak no more" could mean other than soaking clothes before washing... (hence, I was like what creative stories can one come up with for Surf!). But this was good! :)

Yogesh said...

Thanks Anju for the kind words :)

Being a guy, and that too one who has never washed clothes in his life, soaking clothes in Surf couldn't really come to my mind :P

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