Saturday, August 25, 2012

It roars, whether you like it or not

It will not make you roll in laughter at bawdy jokes or PG-13 innuendos. It does not have dhinchak songs that instantly get added to any DJ's playlist. The action sequences are not out-of-the-world like Wanted, Dabangg, Ready or Bodyguard. And, well, okay, it also has the same-ole story rehashed a hundred times in Bollywood already.

And yet, Tiger roars. Roars in its simple humor. Roars in music that slowly grows on you. Roars as it avoids easy traps of melodrama and mushy romance. Roars in amazingly beautiful cinematography. Roars as it rides as much on Katrina's petite shoulders as on Salman Bhai's machismo.

When you put two of the best looking stars in Bollywood together on screen, you don't ask for much more. But Ek tha Tiger offers more, and offers everything that Salman movies these days don't. Take that from a fan who has seen every shitty movie that ever starred Salman, and has adored all of them. 

It's a simple story, told simply. With some subtle, unadulterated fun.

And, talk about screen presence. Fucking screen presence. Just leave Salman on screen, yeah, and all is taken care of. Mashallah.


Anonymous said...

"The action sequences are not out-of-the-world" - yeah every normal guy can stop a running train by using just his coat..and after doing all that his suit is fully creased..absolutely wrinkle free :O
Although i liked the movie and still think that it deserves a sequel...bring on SAL-MAN one more time!! :)

Yogesh said...

@Anonymous: It was a relative comment...please to be referring to the full context :P

And yeah, me too, Bring it on! :)

Gargi Gupta said...

So someone's a big fan of Salman! I haven't seen the movie and don't plan to without any particular reason but loved hearing the roars in your post.

Yogesh said...

Haha.. thanks. Though you must watch the movie :P

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