Sunday, July 04, 2010

Randomness.... all over again!

*My office people have been  planning a team-offsite in Goa. They tell me it will be a lot of fun. And then they tell me that we have to make powerpoint presentations and participate in fruitful discussions and team-building exercises and a whole lot of other crap! Am lost. And am already sure I will hate it.
*'I hate Luv Storys' was time-pass. The pair looked good onscreen. Songs were hummable. PVR seats were extremely comfortable. And caramel popcorn was pure bliss.
*I have got this cool little gadget on my Blog which tells me who all have been visiting my blog, as in from which country, which state, which link, which website. It also offers me uber-cool analytics and reports and stuff. I found that many visitors arrived on the blog from Google. Here is what they searched for -

Life at IIMB (After reading all my cribbing, the person would have the most distorted view of life at IIMB!), yogizone blogspot (I danced for half an hour when I found that someone actually googled for my blog!),  if sabzi mein namak zyada ho to kya karein (this got thrown up in results!),  yogi zone (this time it was the hula),  are Indians smelly? (!!!!),  bachelors not allowed Mumbai (I was amused),  Flute Player (All smiles),  Kaam wali bai ko ragda (And I died
*Toy Story 3 was pure awesomeness. It's not for the kid in you - it is for You, if you have ever been a kid that is. And if, as a kid, you have ever had stuff that you treasured!   


Priyanka said...

You are becoming famous truely!!

Yogesh said...

Haha, after looking at people's searches where my Blog is being thrown as a result, I don't want to be famous!

Shreya said...

Oh how do you get these reports?ey

Yogesh said...

@Shreya - You see that 'Live Traffic Feed' on my Blog page? Click on 'real-time view' and you have all that ye ask for! :D

Sandeep Chandalia said...

Wont you get a even better listing on google for these searches from now one, now that these words as a string on your blog?

Try "I am feeling lucky" on Google for "kaam wali bai ko ragda"

Yogesh said...

@Sandeep -
Did you google after reading my blog - or you googled and reached my blog :)

I am not an IT geek but what you said does make sense! Yay, more traffic :D

Epping Electrical said...

:D Looking at traffic on my blog is one of my favourite pastimes.. as is googling for words i think are related and checking where the blog comes.

I loved toy story 3 as well.. Awesome indeed.

Kavity said...

It has become my favorite pastime too now! Next is too do the whole google search thingy :D

By the way, I repeat, "I hate luv storys" sucks!

Avinash said...

Kaamvaali bai ko ragda......that was the best

Yogesh said...

@Avinash - Haha, but my initial reaction was that of shock!

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