Wednesday, May 03, 2006

13th Feb--->IIMI--->Back on track!!!

Mera Indore Interview:

GD was a plain case-study (in which the solution was pretty obvious). I felt I did a good job.. They made us write a summary in the end.

Interview: It was far from being interesting or exciting, lucky for me.
Two profs.. very polite and very cordial.. They were so nice people I felt like givin them a hug...
They began with Accounting Standards:
1. How many ASs are there?
2. Why was AS-8 scrapped?
3. Depreciation Accounting... Methods, Taxation...
4. Revenue Recognition - types
5. Contingent Liability - def., when to record?
6. Types of expenses recorded in the Revenue Account - I couldn't answer this one.. I went on with direct expenses and overheads but they shook their heads.
7. What are subsidiary Ledger accounts? I again fumbled here... I'd heard of Subsidiary books but Ledger???

Then they came to General Qs:
Since u r from Rajasthan, tell me what are the major problems that Rajasthan is facing..
I'd also done a project in college on
1. What is Human Resource?
2. HRM Vs HRD..
3. Hrd Minister of India? Why was he in news lately? Then it was all IIMB and Singapore...
4. hrd min. of WB? I couldn't ans this one.
5. How many IIMs are there? Name them with the states in which they are located.

Thank You...

It lasted for 10 mins in all.. (this is bugging me from then.. kyonki.. others in my slot were quizzed for nearly half an hr each... pata nahin what did I do to offend them)

VERDICT: Made it!!! Will surely hug them now, if ever meet them that is!!

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