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4th April--->IIMB---> The Last Laugh!!!

The Big BANG-alore interview

Panel Description:
One middle-aged, cordial prof (Prof1)
One young, smart prof with a laptop (Prof2)

Group Description:
There were 3 groups of 7 members each. In my group, one guy thought he wud rather miss the bus.. so 6 guys in my group.

GD: Not Good

Read:10 mins... Discuss:15 mins... Summarise:15 mins...
It was a case about 'BAT'----> long-lost brother of 'CAT'. Well, it was about IIBs who conduct BAT for entrance into their colleges. A particular non-profit organisation with 25 employees is in charge of conducting the test, processing answers and generating score-cards. Prof Mani, in charge of this body, is in dilemma. He realises that the number of munna-bhais taking the test (B bole to Bio-medicine) is increasing at a healthy rate of 12%. This year 1 lakh applicants took the test. But upgradation of infrastructure required for meeting future demands... two options: small-scale, low-cost OR large-scale, high-cost with automation...? Crap case... had a decent discussion though. On an individual front, did not perform well. not many entries... non-descript performance.
Summarised well though... broke up into paras and wrote a decent summary... (the young prof was continuously typing something on his laptop thruout the GD... and, yes, told that our writing skills wud be tested in the summary!!! )

Interview: Dunno

I was the second last guy to be interviewed.. everybody before me had cool intrvws.. Avg Duration: 20 mins..

(I don't remember the exact sequence of questions asked)

Enter, wish, sit...
Prof2 confirms my ranks and marks... :)
Prof1: You have pretty good score in 10th.. why took commerce, not science?
Me: Hailing from a business family, perhaps inclination towards commerce.. had Book-Keeping in 10th.. enjoyed accounting.
Prof1: Parental Pressure?
Me: No... decision was upto me.
Prof1: So, from early age...took ur own decisions...
I smiled..
Prof1: Yogesh, how wud you rate the performance of the group in the GD as well as your own performance.. rate both on a scale of 1 to 10.
Me: (Oh, how I hate this question.... try to act smart ) Sir, I think the group as a whole performed really well..
Prof1: No, no, first give me ratings.. then justify.. (Prof2 smiles at this)
Me: umm.. I think the group can be given a score of 8 on 10... told why.. as for me, it's really difficult for me to evaluate my own performance.
Prof1: In life, u have to do many difficult things..
Me: Okay, then 4-5 on 10... told that I feel didnt do too well...
Prof1: What are the criteria for evaluation in a GD?
Me: ( Only if I'd known that!!!)... told had to evaluate both group and individual performance.. for group--> Content, group dynamics.. for individuals---> Content, initiative and group behaviour.. elaborated on this..
Prof: Put urself in our shoes.. what wud u analyse first.. group performance or individual performance..
Me: (Oh man, where is this leading..if I were in ur shoes, I wud admit myself!!) Sir, I believe that individual performance is a function of group performance... xplained..
Prof2: Isn't it the other way round?
Me: Sir, individuals may score as regards content but group behaviour is more important..
Prof1: Can it happen that a particular group has a high score than another but a member of second group has higher score than a member of first group? (Gave me paper and said draw a model and explain)
Me: Told... Yes, Possible.. explained with diagram.
Prof1: Can it happen that all members of second group get more than members of first group..Me: As regards content.. possible.. but not in group behaviour.
Prof1: Think again..
Me: Sir, to me it seems unlikely.. however, I'm not sure.

Then Prof2 asked me about not continuing with CA.. handled this well..

Prof1: Do you follow the stock market?
Me: No, sir.

Prof1: Follow general business trends?
Me: Read newspaper..
Prof2: White ones or Pink ones?
Me: (smiling) Sir, white ones.. The Telegraph..
Prof2: You had a project in college on 'Call centers- HR Angle'---> what were ur findings..
Me: Told.. a few follow-up questions on attrition, our group recommedations etc... handled perfectly well. As a matter of fact, wanted to talk on this in all my intrvws (as it's something unique for commerce undergrads) but was quizzed only in IIMI earlier on this...that too not directly on the project.. felt satisfied.

Prof1: How do you analyse a company's financial position?
Me: (It was a very broad question... thought 'ab to poora interview isipe hoga') Gave a very general answer by highlighting diffrent points of view for analysis..gave so many enticements to grill me on.. thought wud be asked to go in details.. but profs did not delve into this..
Prof2: What are ur career goals? Do you have any idea about the type of companies that come for recruitment at IIMB..
Me: Yes, told... considering my background I wud like to get into a financial services company..Then I talked about my objectives... mentioned want to do something for society.. this caught Prof1's attention.
Prof1: What way can you do something for society?
Me: Talked abt adopting villages.. told had read an article on same.. CSR..
Prof1: Isn't that the duty of the Govt?
Me: Yes, but we need to do our bit too..
Prof1: Why wud employees want to do this?
Me: Co. wud pay them as they pay any other employee.. a separate deptt. can be formed for this.. elaborated..
Prof1: Wudn't it be better if we have a central agency for rural upliftment and corporates donate funds..
Me: Talked abt how donations made now too.. but corruption, long bureaucratic channel.. the money is embezzled.. no benefit reached to those for whom it is meant..need for proper implementation. Co. shud actively try to help..
Prof1: Extra burden for Co? No competence in this regard..
Me: Can recruit competent people.. not much burden for big corporates..
Prof1: Ideally, Co. shud donate funds and monitor it's use..
Me: True, but not done so now... I feel active participation by Cos wud give better results.

That's it..
Thank you..

Felt good that Profs went thru my certis proprly and yes, Prof2 was at times doing something on his laptop..

VERDICT: MADE IT!!!! Season ended for me with a BANG....:)

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