Sunday, May 07, 2006


Now, this may sound like the ramblings of a nutter... but I always genuinely thought that I was good... that I would make it..
But just two converts out of seven of the best colleges in India has punctured my vanity rather badly.. I simply can't see what really went wrong..
I could only conclude that any of the following reasons could have acted as a bane:

This is the weirdest explanation that comes to my mind. That I am a fresher and that too from Commerce stream may have acted as a hindrance... Afterall, we all hear the blatant bias that these institutions have towards engineers.

Explanation#2===> IIMs don't attach any importance to an individual's past academic profile...(as said by an IIMC prof in an intrvw) but weightage is given to work-experience. Thus, all the slogging I did for 21 yrs of my existence was of no use..

Explanation#3===> My %ile is 99.45 which cannot be considered to be a pucca convert type.. Thus, in an scenario where importance is being given solely to CAT%ile and GD/PI performances, my performance had to be exemplary, which I feel may not have been the case.

Explanation#4===> People have always told me that I am just too soft-spoken. That my soft-spokenness can be taken to be a lack of confidence. But, I believe that I had worked on it and in my IIM GD/PIs I tried to be assertive... perhaps, that was not good enough.

Explanation#5===> I have almost nil extra-currics... if that matters that much...

Explanation#6===> Meri kismat phooti huyee hain...

Now, ppl tell me that I shud be celebrating for IIMB.. so I will now celebrate.. but will always wonder what is it that I lack???

Best wishes to all,

PS: Not feeling so bad now that have converted IIMK as well.. It surely helps to remove a name from the REJECT's list...:)

PS2: Converted IIMA as well... that makes me Mr Snooty again...:D

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