Friday, May 05, 2006

3rd March--->XLRI--->Unfortunately, a true intrvw xperience!!!

Due credits to Salman Khan's movie for inspiring the title of this post..

Okay, first things first... my XAT Score is miserably low..98.5 that is. And to top it there was some problem with my application. The XLRI Admissions Office was of the opinion that I had not applied to XLRI at all and had filled only XAT application form (as if I was loony or something!!!)..I called them up umpteen times, send loads of faxes (Yeah, you guesses right!!! I actually spent all that money).. and came finally the call letter..

XLRI Interview:

I don't know but it seems that they'd already made up their mind that they are NOT TAKING ME IN even before the interview.... And what little chances I had of making it still, I goofed up completely.. Trust me to spoil my own chances..

BTW, sirf main zimmedar nahin.. All my preparation went down the drain.. I'd heard a lot abt XLRI Interviews and prepared to the fullest.. I'd prepared core subs well and had spent two restless days reading every paragraph of the BUDGET and its implication from the ET and the Bus.Std. But No Questions from Acads, no extra-currics, no BUDGET, no hobbies and interests, no why MBA, no time for me even.. it lasted for 7-8 mins in all....They didn't even flip thru my certificates.. this has happened second time with me (earlier in IIMK).. my only strenghth is my academic performance and these guys don't want to notice that even!!!

I was the last one to be interviewed for the day and for this year too.. My Interview time was scheduled to be 3:40 pm but it was all over by 3:00..

There were three profs.. sittin on the other side of a long table.. the table had several documents (pata nahin what papers??) and three saucers full of different toffies..

I don't remember who asked me which question.. since it was so uneventful, it got pretty mixed-up in my head..

Prof: So, you are Yogesh?
Me: Yes, sir...
Prof: From Xavier's?
Me: Yes, sir..
Prof: can you name another Xaverian who has a call from XL..
Me: Did.
Prof: Yogesh, you are the last person that we are going to interview for the session 2006-08 (and laughs for no apparent reason). Sell yourself to us.
Me: blah, blah... abt achievemnts and strengths...and why, God knows why, I had to mention 'softer pursuits of reading and writing' in my speech..I still can't make out why I said that??
Prof: Softer pursuits???
Me: (Mar gaye)Sir, what I meant was..At this, they all started laughing by lookin at each other..
Prof: Yogesh, you have an option - either withdraw that statement or stick to it - Deal or No Deal- Quick..
Me: Sir, I believe to indulge in reading and writing, we need to have a lot of patience and concentration.. so these require development of softer skills in our character. (I know this is crap, but this is what I could come up with given that they were laughing continuously)
Prof:You have completed CA?
Me: No sir, only upto PE-II... explained..

Prof: Do you go to your father's medicine shop?
Me: No sir.
Prof: Do you plan to join it later?
Me: No, Sir... no scope for expansion..
Prof: So many medicine shops are coming up, how compete?
Me: Gave some gyaan about customer-satisfaction..
Prof: Other factors?
Me: Inventory..explained
Prof: Wouldn't location play a role?
Me: (Shit) Yessir.. but to a limited extent.. explained
Prof: Decor?
Me: (Not sure) It may influence some people..
Prof: Should medicine shops stock toffees?
Me: (stole a glance at the toffees lying on the table and decided as to which one I'd pick up at the end of the interview) Sir, if the candy is of medicinal value like Vicks, then yes, else no.
Prof: cosmetics?
Me: Sir, if some skin cream or shampoo is prescribed by a dermatologist, then yes, else no.
Prof: Are you aware of any pharmacists' association?
Me: No.
Prof: Tell me Yogesh, when we go to a medicine shop, they get just take out the medicine that u want in a second? How remember so many medicines???
Me: Explained abt order of stocking.. alphabetical, based on composition...
Prof: Ok, Yogesh, you may leave now..What??? Leave!!! Arey kucch bhi to nahin poocha.... aur toffee bhi nahin offer kiya.. Maybe they don't want to waste their toffee on me..
So, this is it... not satisfying at all..

VERDICT: Not at all surprised that I was kicked... and I wasted all that money... train fare, application fees, phone bills, e-mails and faxes....huh???

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gourav dokania said...

hi yogesh

it was a nice write up and equally horrifying experience that you had at the XL interwiew.

gourav dokania

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