Sunday, May 07, 2006

Death to Merit, Long live Mediocrity!!!!!

At a time when the need was to scrap the reservation-system in higher education altogether, the UPA Govt comes up with yet another populist measure with impunity. In higher education, where the most important factor that counts is the 'quality of output', the sole criterion for admission should be merit. Reservation, if at all, should be need-based and not caste-based. It would be stupid to assume that the policy-makers don't understand this. But, for them, Populism is the key.
Needless to say, this measure would spell the end of meritocracy and promote mediocrity, not to mention the resurfacing of the brain-drain bugbear. When half the class has sought admission without fulfilling the criterion of merit, the brand-value of the hallowed portals of higher education in India like the IITs and IIMs would come down drastically.
Further, a backward class person has already benefited from reservation till graduation level... now, if he still needs reservation for higher studies, then for jobs and then for promotions... this effectively means that the reservations till graduation have been fruitless. The Govt. should work towards improving the standards of Primary Education rather than come up with such useless but harmful tactics to win instant support. By doing this, the UPA Govt. is admitting its failure to ensure development at the grassroots level.
And, increasing the number of seats is not going to help. In Institutes like the IITs ans IIMs, there is a dearth of good faculty. If increase in the number of students is forced on them, this would lead to a fall in the quality of education, which would reduce their appeal and the meritorious would be more willing to go abroad.
Further, rather than promoting equality in the society, this move would actually create a rift between youth from different communities. A talented student who has lost a seat just because it was reserved would hate these communities for the rest of his life.
The Govt should give aid to the needy and remove this caste-based resevation system.

I am writing on behalf of all the students of India who don't care as to which caste they belong to, but solely believe in MERIT.

I request all those who are against the move to sign the online petition at~

In addition, you can write directly to the PM at~
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