Friday, May 05, 2006

1st March---> IIMK---> Sweet Nothings

My Kozhikode experience


It was one of those GDs where everyone talks and no-one listens.. uspe itna raddi topic :'Moon mission is a wastage of resources for a resource-starved nation like India'. Think for 2 mins and then GD for 10 mins (only!!). GD was total chaos. I don't think any of us (there were eight) could hog the limelight for more than 15 seconds... I came in a few times,but performance was pretty non-descript.

Interview: GOOD

there were two profs.. both very cordial and polite..
Prof1: So you are studying in St. Xavier's?
Me: Yes, sir.
Prof1: what r the subjects that u have in ur final year?
Me: Blah..
Prof1: Financial Statement Analysis? (I'd mentioned FSA as a sub) What is it abt..?
Me: Blah..
P1: So, what use is FSA in Mergers and Acquisitions?
Me: (M&A??? u expect me to know this??? ) Sir...
P1: I mean.. there was this recent merger of airlines..
Me: Yes sir, Jet took over Air Sahara .. (gettin the Question).. Oh, from Jet's point of view.. analysis of Sahara's Fin. St... assets & liabilities...blah..
P1: So which assets do you think would influence Jet to take over Sahara?
Me: I think infrastructure...(explained a bit)
P1: Okay, is it always possible to get correct info from FSA?
Me: Sir?? P1: I mean, can this info be misleading?
Me: said improbable.. mentioned audit of Fin. St...
P1: No, let's take audited Fin. St., can complete info be derived.. correct value of all assets?
Me: Sir, actual values of some fixed assets may be different from book values.. explained..
P1: So, should Jet redraw Sahara's Fin St.?
Me: Not possible.. constraint of information..
P1: So, what way out?
Me: Sir, if Jet feels that a particular asset is not valued correctly, it can, based on its experience, revalue that particular asset.. since both Jet and Sahara operate in the same field, Jet should be able to carry out valuation...
P1: Okay... Does this 'Present Value' come into the picture?
Me: Yes sir, ... explained abt discountin of future returns and feasibility and profitability analysis...

P1: Did u have Economics? (this reminded me of My Lucknow ka Interview.. however, I'd brushed up on Eco)
Me: Yes, sir..
P1: What is oligopoly?
Me: Blah...
P1: Explain market dynamics in oligopoly..
Me: Explained in details with the help of a graph..
P1: Can u name a market which is an oligopoly..
Me: Sir, I'm not sure, but I think Pharmaceutical mkt..
P1: But.. in Pharma, do customers have a choice? They buy whatever doctors prescribe..
Me: Yes sir, in this case the marketing is directed at the doctors and not final consumer... explained..
P1: Okay..

At this stage.. passes the baton to Prof2..
P2: So, what is a geometric progression?
Me: Blah..
P2: What is the formula for summation of a GP?
Me: Told..
P2: Can u derive that formula..
Me: Can try... tried but failed.. said sorry..

P1 again takes over..
P1: Yogesh, wht dyou do in spare time..
Me: Read, write short stories and poems..
P1: Write???
Me: Yessir.. showed them some stuff..
P1: Recite one of your poems..
Me: Did...

P2: So, how were ur L & I interviews?
Me: (shocked) Sir, Good... (lie of the millennium)
P2: When is Ahmd?
Me: Told..
P1&P2: Okay Yogesh, best of Luck..
Me: Thank you, sirs...

almost everybody else had chilled interviews too.. maybe profiles would matter.. wanted them to notice my Ranks in CA but they didn't even look at my certificates...

VERDICT: K Kicked me...It was a nasty surprise though.... Probably the GD did me in... PI was fantabulous!!!

Edit: Eventually converted IIMK.. a bit surprising as I hadn't even been waitlisted initially.. but good to know that my best PI ever didn't go in vain..

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