Tuesday, May 02, 2006

7th Feb--->IIML--->A damp beginning!!!

My Lucknow Interview:

GD: 'Politicians are the same everywhere. They promise to build bridges even when there's no river.'Pehle an essay on the same topic. 5 mins.Good Discussion. 15 mins. I could begin the discussion but could enter only twice. In the end, they asked me to summarise (God knows why? 'cuz there was another girl who had spoken very little). I didn't do a great job there.

Interview was bad: I'm lying there... it was actually a NIGHTMARE..

Two Profs..One Prof was speaking in a soft, slow tone.. (meethi churi)The other Prof was probably being purposely somewhat rude..

1. Introduce Yourself.

Then it was all acads.. I handled these well...
1. What is a cost-sheet? Take me through the format of a cost-sheet.
2. What is the need for working capital management?
3. Working capital cycle..
4. Cash cycle..

Then Goals and ambitions..They got me on this one.. grilled for nearly 5 mins..Contribution to society? How... Then somehow ITC came into the picture.. Coaching centers also chipped in. I was trying to defend but it was useless...It all ended with me feeling very low. But the worst was yet to come.

Xavier's(my college) couldn't lag behind...How many students does Xavier's have? How many sections? Then they argued among themselves about a silly calculation (70 X 21 = ?). I kept mum, looking sagely from one to the other.

Then..Yogesh, why don't u continue with CA?.. I blurted an answer..

What r ur strenghts?

What is globalisation? Do you support it?... blah blah...

Then came the final blow...Who taught you Economics in college? Which books did you follow? ..I smelt danger and quickly added that Economics was a 'pass' paper (only Kolkattans would understand what that is!!!) and that I was not very confident in it.
But they went ahead nevertheless..
1. What is a monopoly? (Okay...)
2. Monopolistic and oligopoly.. (Okay...)
3. Equilibrium in a perfect competition.. monopolistic?? (Band baj gayi..)
4. Total amount of money in the economy? How is it calculated? (Will have to ask FM..)
I bungled with these... Eco-not my cup of tea? Told them so.. but they retorted that I was supposed to know these...Then came a long sermon on my lack of knowledge about my own subjects... I was called bookworm and an expert at mugging-up with no conceptual understanding. Then they listed down what they felt about me.. NOT FIT TO BE AN MBA...

It was my first real interview yaar.. aur uspe itna sab kuch..I was shattered.. my mind went totally blank...
Then came two bad deliveries.. but I was already retired-hurt..

1. What is P/E ratio?
2. what is money market?

Thank you...

I came out after being burnt in Hell for nearly 25 mins...
So.. hindsight... OK GD, Bad PI.. though it wasn't exactly a stress-interview, it wasn't a cordial one either... Only positive thing abt my intrvw was that I was impeccably polite thruout and even when I argued I did so with a lot of politeness..

VERDICT: Kicked hard..... not even waitlisted!!!

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Surajit said...

Hey man, u have a great sense of humour. Ur blog made for some very interesting read. By the way i am a 2nd yr b.com student at Xav Kol.

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